Small update regarding progress and timelines.

Stripe Customers

If your payment was processed through Stripe, and you have received a countersigned agreement from Guiding Hands your refund has been processed.

If you haven't received a countersigned agreement by this point and your payment was processed through Stripe, this could be due to an error on your form. Please be sure to check your email. If your form was rejected, the email will state the reasons. You can then correct the error and resubmit your agreement.

Otherwise, it is because we are still continuing to process them. Rest assured, you'll receive a response as soon as possible with further directions and/or simply receive a countersigned agreement and have your refund processed.

Everyone Else | (PayPal, Gift Card, Wire, Etc.)
Today we're submitting the first batch of ACH transfers for our bank to process refunds for customers who've received a countersigned agreement and who paid via PayPal, wire or gift card.

This will be processed on Monday or Tuesday of next week. Around that time, we'll be submitting the next batch as well.

If you haven't received a countersigned agreement by this point, and you paid through anything else besides Stripe, that either means there was an error in your document and we have responded to it via email or that we are still reviewing it.

Be on the lookout this weekend, we're trying to get through a lot of the pending agreements that have potential errors and get information back to those people ASAP and in general process as many as we can.

If you’re wondering whether or not we’ve received your form after you’ve completed it, the answer is yes. There are no individual submissions confirmations from DocuSign, but you’ll receive a email once we’ve processed your form.


As of today, we have finalized all the steps necessary to proceed with customer refunds.

Our refund page will be going live next week, and all customers will be able to submit their refund requests there. All submissions will be verified as quickly as possible once received. Upon verification, funds will be issued.

Our goal is to refund your original payment method, but if that is unavailable, we will instead issue funds directly to your bank account of choice.

We have greatly appreciated your patience throughout this process. We will provide further details next week, once refunds are live.


Yesterday, our banks and creditors communicated that they have completed all of their investigations.

We're happy to announce we have won sufficient funds to refund customers in full.

Our supervisor has informed us that the funds are in the process of being wired to us. From this information, we can estimate that they’ll be available in 24-48 hours.

In the meantime, we are working on creating a backend to facilitate the refund process for customers. We hope to have it ready in 1-2 weeks. We'll provide further details on the process as soon as we have them.


We heard from our account supervisor yesterday afternoon, who gave us the following status updates:

- The entire review process on her team's end will be completed on or around September 5th.

- As it stands, a significant majority of all fund requests have been approved. There are very few remaining requests that need to be completed.

- The remaining requests are expected to be approved, and will be completed on or around September 5th, as stated above.

- Funds will be made available to us to begin the refund process sometime during the second week of September.

- Based on the communications we've received from our supervisor and the latest progress achieved, we are expecting to have sufficient funds to issue refunds to all affected customers.

As before, this announcement is for informational purposes only, and does not yet reflect how refunds will be processed. We need to complete the steps identified above before we can move to finalize the process for refunds.


Here is the latest information:

We spoke with our account supervisor yesterday, who was able to confirm the progress covered in our last update.

As it turns out, she was not able to access the details that would allow us to identify the funds to a set of specific models at this time. She is seeking approval to access this information and we'll provide an update once she's relayed the info to us.

As for the next progress update, we've been told to expect communication by Friday of this week regarding the approval of further funds from her team. Additionally, she has conveyed that she believes the entire review process, on her teams end, will be completed sometime in August. We are cautiously optimistic and this is the most recent timeline communications we have at this moment for those curious.


Here is the latest information:

Earlier this morning, we received a follow-up update from our bank and creditor where they expressed to us that as of today it appears that over half of all funds requests have been processed and are confirmed for a large number of models.

We'll have the details of which particular models and explicit confirmation of this information presumably on Monday as that is when our account supervisor will be back in her office as she is the one who has access to those details.

Funds for the remaining models are still under review but based on the communications today from our bank and creditor they expect that the funds for the remaining models will continue to be confirmed as well. This is for information purposes only and does not reflect how refunds will be processed, as we need to complete the process identified above before we can finalize the refund process.


Here is the latest information:

Earlier this week, we received confirmation from our bank and creditor that some funds are confirmed for a number of models. Funds for the remaining models have not yet been confirmed, but we have provided all documentation necessary to process these requests and we have been led to believe that the funds for the remaining models will be confirmed as well. No funds will be available to us for refunds until the bank and creditor has completed its review of all models. Unfortunately, this takes time given the thousands of pages of documentation and the large amounts at issue.

This is for information purposes only and does not reflect how refunds will be processed, as we need to complete the process identified above before we can finalize the refund process.  

The models below are the ones that have been confirmed by our bank and creditor:

Jordan 1 Retro High White University Blue Black
Jordan 6 Retro Carmine (2021)
Jordan 11 Retro Cool Grey (2021)

We were supposed to hear back yesterday regarding funds for further models from our bank and creditor, though it seems to be taking them longer than expected internally. The date for those will likely be pushed back to sometime next week ideally.

Once we receive the remainder of the update that was expected to come yesterday (presumably sometime next week), we'll release further information on the next steps for the refund process.


The latest information is the same as last week's, as at this time we're currently in a waiting period till July 15th at which point we'll have further information and clarity on the next steps towards handling refunds for all customers.


Estimated Timelines

As stated previously, the latest information we've received from our banks and creditors is that they expect their end of the process to be completed on July 15th.

That said, we've been in active communication with the team that they have assigned us. They have expressed that, from their point of view, everything is on track, and that they expect positive results, our assumption based on our banks and creditors statements is that we are expecting to have sufficient funds to issue refunds to all customers. It is very important to understand that these funds are contingent on our banks and creditors fully completing their process. This means that things are not yet set in stone and are still subject to change. To re-emphasize, these are the communications of our banks and creditors and are not to be taken as final until they've fully completed their process.

Once we reach July 15th, we are expected to have concrete information and significant clarity on the next steps towards disbursing those funds.

Between now and then, please understand that this is a bit of a waiting process. As stated previously, it's likely that until this date arrives, our weekly updates will not contain significant information that hasn't been covered in past updates. If there is any important changes or significant news that we receive in between now and then we will share it ASAP.


Estimated Timelines
The latest information we've received is that our banks and creditors expect to finish their entire process by July 15th. Based on what they have told us, this is the point at which we can expect the status on refunds to change to something more concrete.

As a preface, please understand that this isn’t a target for when refunds will be completed, but instead, the date at which we’ll have clarity and more concrete information. It will likely be the start date for the refund process. However, it may take some time for funds to settle after July 15th, so please take this as more of an estimate than a deadline.

Again, we're well aware that this a bit of a wait. That said, it's the most official and accurate date we've received thus far, and we're relieved that we can finally give a date, instead of the vague timeline that we had previously.

Thank you for your continued patience during this process.


Status on Refunds

This point remains the same as the previous week, and as well with continued positive progress.

Understand that this part is a bit of a process as we continue to deal with our banks, etc., so there will be potential times like this whereas previously stated timeline-wise we are more so waiting for things to be processed on their end rather than ours.

The information we've received so far points to things being on track in regards to working towards refunds, with no hiccups as of yet.

Have refunds started to be issued yet?
The previous status remains the same. At the moment no refunds have been issued, but continued progress has been made toward that stage.

Estimated Timelines
The previous timelines our banks, creditors, etc., have given us remain to be the same. If anything changes on this front or something happens sooner than expected we'll update immediately.

New Information?
We understand you're awaiting more concrete information other than "progress has been made" but do understand when we state that being the case it is the truth.

Progress at this time mostly occurs in the form of continued meetings, phone calls, and further documents being processed where our banks, creditors, etc., confirm things are on track and have not alerted us of any negative news.  So far only they've stated only positive information regarding the current situation and have continued to work diligently with us.

We know it's not very exciting or groundbreaking to read updates like this, but paper being pushed and reviewed by banks usually is not the most captivating.

We're doing everything in our ability to ensure this process happens as quick and securely as possible, albeit at times it is a bit of a waiting game.


We want to provide information to you as consistently as possible therefore we will be posting weekly updates around this time every Saturday which will contain the latest information, updates, and progress we have to share.

If there is any important and/or significantly worthwhile news that we receive in between these timeframes we will share it ASAP, but you can count on referring to the weekly updates as a constant where we will detail the latest information we have.

Status on Refunds
As we previously stated, we are working on refunds and it is our intention to issue refunds to all affected customers and based on the information we've received so far from our banks, etc., we expect that will happen.

We have been in daily communication with our respective banks, related creditors, and the associated financial institutions involved with payments and transactions regarding the current situation since our last update.

The good news is they are all working with us and cooperating, and with that said progress has been made since our previous update and is continuing to move forwards in achieving positive results.

Have refunds started to be issued yet?
To clear up any confusion so that everyone is on the same page, no refunds have been issued as of yet. However, the process is and has been underway, and we're making progress toward that stage as quickly as we can.

Our entire team has been doing everything within their power each day to ensure that this happens as soon and securely as it possibly can. Still, it is important to understand that we do not control the timelines of our banks and creditors.

We are being patient as they work through the processes on their end. And as we said, we have already started to see continued positive results from doing so.

Estimated Timelines
To reiterate, the current timelines they have given us as of last week are within the next two to four weeks, or, in their words, "ten to twenty business days". Obviously, we recommend that you still take that with a slight grain of salt.

We understand and agree that this would preferably be an overnight process, but your continued patience here is greatly appreciated. It allows us to make further progress towards being able to issue refunds.

How will refunds work?
You do not do not need to do anything for your orders to be included in this process. As we start to receive funds, we will be able to precisely track which customer orders and shoe models they belong to. We have robust accounting controls available to our team.

What if I have store credit?
Those who possess store credit fall under the same conditions as normal orders. This means that, as stated above, we are working on refunds and have the full intention to issue refunds to all affected customers, including customers who have active store credit.

I sent a email to support and have not heard back?
The team's time has been focused on what we've stated here, which is working on refunds for all affected customers. Due to the large volume of emails we've received, we may not be able to respond to yours individually.

That said, the latest information for orders can be found here. We'll continue to update you as new information comes in, through this channel and via email.